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Day 21~ 22 The Long Road Home

Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, England, Wales!

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3pm Sunday, and I write this laying in my single bed in our cabin. Lyn is sleeping in the double bed opposite me. It’s taken 2 whole days of driving through 3 countries to get to this point, so his sleep is well deserved.

Our ferry trip from Bergen was long, but comfortable. As we had booked a cabin we were able to shower and catch up on some sleep, before eating. We had taken a chance and booked the on board dinner buffet as well as a 6.30 breakfast buffet. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we’re
soon standing in the 19.30 queue to enter. Is there anything worse than a buffet queue? People are anxious, and you can see plans being formed. We were shown to our tiny table, crammed in next to a German couple, whilst others were already battling their way to the food. Lyn took no prisoners and was off like a lion hunting it’s prey. He had returned with his first plateful before I’d returned with the drinks. I joined the end of a long queue as we shuffled forward, passing the caviar, crabs legs, lobsters and shrimp and Lyn’s favourite, pickled mackerel, with me getting ever more anxious. Soon, the end of that queue met the end of the other queue, shuffling forward with their plates piled high. I had inevitably backed the wrong horse; their queue had passed steak, turkey, stunning chips, potato croquettes…. I then had to try and interject into their queue, not knowing what language to apologise in. So stressful, but soon I had a plate of food. Luckily, the food was surprisingly good quality, so we ate up. Some more than others, but I’m not mentioning any names Lyn!!

Desserts were lovely, although I ended up with a bowl of chocolate mousse, fruit compote, chocolate cake and cheesecake in 1 bowl as I couldn’t face the queue again. I’ve come to the conclusion queuing is much harder when you are little. Certain people with long arms and long legs see it as a personal challenge and win!

We didn’t have the best night’s sleep, possibly due to a combination of a) overeating, b) the rolling motion and c) stuffy cabin, but the alarm soon went off at 5.45am so I could shower before breakfast. Needless to say neither of us really wanted breakfast at that time, but we had paid £18 each for it so we were going to bloody eat it. The coffee was good but there was a perpetual line for it longer than the line for the ladies on a good night out, so we only had the one cup. One bacon roll and some watermelon later it was time to gather our stuff for the long journey ahead.

Once we were off the ferry, the day became just a blur of roads and horrendous traffic jams. We drove straight through Denmark, as we have found there is not much there for us. Once we were in Germany the driving got more aggressive and the notorious traffic jams around Hamburg proved as hellish as ever. We stopped in a supermarket for a last cheap shop and beer stock up, then hit the road again. We planned to stop just before the Dutch border as it’s easier to find a good place to stay in Germany. It had been a long day, over 600 miles, with over 10 traffic jams, the longest being over 2 hours.

Our trusted app found just the place, in a free parking place for vans alongside a river. We quickly went to bed, both exhausted. No proper food today, just a series of junky snacks. Needs must. We slept well, although noisy youngsters outside kept me awake till nearly 1am.

We still had another 2.5 hours to drive to get to our final ferry at the Hook of Holland, but the Dutch roads are more pleasant, although slightly confusing in their layout at times. We got into the ferry on time, to witness a case of road rage in the queue by a very aggrieved British middle class lady who leaned on her horn for a full five minutes at the car in front of her, then got out of the car to have “stern words” with the car that had cut her up. The Dutch immigration control bloke stopped her to as what the problem was, and she said the other car had been “Vairy, vairy stuhpid” (say it in a posh accent). I think that will be a key phrase of ours now! Her indignance knew no bounds, but she had no idea what a complete tit she looked!

No road rage in this cabin, just too tired people, who have eaten their ready prepared ham rolls and are looking forward to a jaunt round the duty free, spending what’s left of the holiday money. Yes, we have money left!

Obviously, it’s not Sunday 3pm anymore, and not in a ferry cabin. Instead I’m at home drowning in washing! Will catch up with the last day and some sum up points in a few days.

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